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To Retail

Your product in store

With our expertise of the retail and vegan market, we help your plant-based company to enter retail. It is not easy to earn your place on the shop shelf and stay there. A concept must be well thought out before you can take this step. It is important that you have certain Unique Selling Points (USPs) in which you excel and stand out of the competition. That is why we advise you on product development, positioning and the commercial market entry strategy. With this, your product meets the consumer needs, the latest trends and developments within the market.

Previous projects

Trend & Brainstorm Sessions

We regularly share our knowledge of food retail and the vegan (n) market by giving presentations and holding brainstorming sessions. With these insights, the attendees are aware of the latest insights and can immediately apply them in their companies and products.

Retail advisory: Vivièna

Floreer Consultancy advised Vivièna, a new Food Retail initiative in the Netherlands, on its future assortment and category management decisions.

Food Retail Tours

Hosting various Food Retail Tours through the Netherlands, primarily for international companies interested in the Dutch Food Retail market. The topics of the tours vary from: Food Retail in general to the plant-based and vegan or even açaí market.

The Protein Cluster

The Protein Cluster is the business netwerk within Foodvalley on the Protein Shift theme. TPC is a collection of more than 50 companies active in all fields of the value chain (post-harvest till finished products). The objective is to stimulate plant-based protein innovation, share knowledge and bring the ecosystem together. Floor from Floreer Consultancy is the Project Manager at The Protein Cluster from September 2019 till August 2021.

Masters in Future Food

Focusplaza and Floreer Consultancy joined forces to set up the Masters in Future Food program. This answers all questions in the field of vegetarian, flexitarian and vegan food for players in the food retail (industry). The program includes two master classes and a food retail safari to Stockholm in 2020. More information can be found on the Masters in Future Food website.

Your commercial strategy

Once you have defined your strategy matching with your brand and products, you are ready for a product introduction. But how do you get on the shelf or even at the table with a retailer? First of all, we will show you around in the Dutch retail landscape. Then we think along with your commercial strategy for the retailers. Thanks to our years of experience at various (online) retailers, we know how buyers and category managers think and what they pay attention to. With our advice you are ready for a successful shelf introduction in the Dutch retail market.

Inspiration & Publicaties

Read more on the latest news and articles of Floreer Consultancy round vegan and plant-based food.