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Floreer Consultancy commercializes the vegan and plant-based food industry. On the one hand, we provide companies with insights into the market through trend presentations and food inspiration tours. On the other hand, we advise and guide companies to better respond to the growing demand for these plant-based products. We see great opportunities in this market and that is why our starting point is to help your company to maximize turnover, by making smart choices for this tremendously growing and promising market.


The seven segments in the protein transition (Dutch)

Masters in future food

Strategy and positioning

We map your market position, determine the growth opportunities and give you the insights to make your activities in this market a success.

Concept development

Your company wants to respond to the vegan demand and thereby introduce a new brand or product. We guide and advise from the first brainstorming session to your retail strategy.

Formula development

You (re) develop a retail formula and want to respond better to the conscious consumer. We help you with in store positioning to presentation and routing.

Food inspiratie tours

We are happy to share our knowledge with your company so you get the latest insights into the vegan food retail industry. We combine this with brainstorming and / or inspiration tours, so that your company can immediately implement these insights into your business.

Market entry

We give you insights into the current market overview define the positioning of your brand and product and prepare your products for a market introduction at retail. We consult you in the total process from concept to the introduction on the shelf.

Product and assortment innovation

You want to veganize your products or expand your range to respond to the vegan demand. We advise and guide the entire innovation process and work together with product developers.

Inspiration & Publications

Read more on the latest news and articles of Floreer Consultancy round vegan and plant-based food.