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Vegan Retail Podcast #1


The first Podcast of Focusplaza about vegan food 🌱 in retail 🛒 is live! The podcast season contains five episodes with main speakers of the retail and vegan industry. Topics that are being discussed are: the trend in general, target groups, developments, start-ups vs. corporates and the future of this market.

A new episode will be released every three weeks. Founder of Floreer Consultancy, Floor Buitelaar, is the regular guest as Vegan Retail Expert at this podcast.

Listen to the first episode (in Dutch) on Spotify “Vegan food from a niche to a more mainstream market”. Centrally in this podcast is the change in consumers habits to food. The following speakers share their perspective on the developments in vegan food:

  • Gert-Jan Gombert (Vivera)
  • Pieter Kuizinga (Jumbo Maripaan)
  • Gerrit Grievink (Focusplaza)
  • Floor Buitelaar (Floreer Consultancy)

Floor Buitelaar


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