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Covid-19 increases demand for Vegan

Vegan is now more relevant than ever, as a result of the occuring crisis. Consumers are – in great numbers – searching for healthier and more sustainable products. Especially in the first few weeks of the Covid-19 crisis, referred to as the “hamsterweken” in The Netherlands, we’ve seen that demand for vegetarian and vegan products has increased vastly.  This equates to an increase in plant based article sales of 265% over an 8-week period. For example, in week 16 this was once an increase of 200%. Meat was also bought in bulk, but this category only showed an average increase of 30%. In week 16, this amounted to an increase of 39% (US retail, Nielsen, 2020).

The graph above shows the increase in vegetarian & vegan meat and the increase in fresh animal meat in weeks 13 to 16. This data comes from the US retail channel and has been compared with the data for the same weeks in 2019.

This is another step towards real consumption change and with that the movement from animal to vegetable. All the more reason to continue developing on vegetarian and vegan produce now. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your company.

Source: Financial Times, 26 april 2020 & Nielsen, 2020.