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1. Your product in store

From a commercial strategy to a place on the shelf.

2. Vegan and plant-based market

For retailers and producers that want to enter the vegan & plant-based market.

“Floreer Consultancy speaks with knowledge about the retail industry. They have a clear vision of how retail can continue to focus on plant-based, how companies can respond strategically and how to get products on the shelf!”

Aude Goovaerts, Next Food Chain

“A very informative but also fun way of learning more about the Dutch Food Market.”

Participant food retail tour, Kind Earth Tech

“The presentation and tour really helped us in the decision making process for entering the Dutch Food Market.”

International food producer, Food Retail Tour

Grow with vegan

Since 2017, sales of meat substitutes have increased by 50 percent (IRI Netherlands, 2019). Not only the demand for meat substitutes is increasing, consumers are asking across the category for new products and solutions.

  • Do you have a product that responds to this and do you want to market it?
  • Does your company want to take advantage of this growing market?
  • Are you looking for advice on how to respond and to know more about your possibilities in this market?

Claim your position in the vegan market.

Your product in store

From a commercial strategy to a place on the shelf.

Vegan and plant-based market

For retailers and producers that want to enter the vegan & plant-based market.

A vegetarian does not eat meat, but does eat other animal products such as milk, cheese and eggs. It is important that these products are free from animal rennet.

A vegan eats and uses no animal products. Not only its food is free from animal products, but everything he buys or uses. This means a vegan also does not eat products containing milk or honey nor wears animal leather.

A reducitarian, a term that is often used abroad, is someone who reduces his consumption of animal-based products. In the Netherlands, we actually regard such consumers as flexitarians.

A flexitarian eats everything, but in a conscious way. For example, he deliberately has a number of days that he does not eat meat, often for environmental reasons.

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    Floreer Consultancy

    With years of experience in the retail and vegan sector, we have the knowledge to advise your company in the vegan market. Whether you want to bring your product to the market or respond to the demand for vegan products. With our expertise you will capitalize on the commercial opportunities this market has to offer.

    Concept development

    Your company wants to respond to the vegan demand and thereby introduce a new brand or product. We guide and advise from the first brainstorming session to your strategy towards retail.

    Market entry

    From the positioning of your product up to preparing for a retail market introduction: we advise you from concept to your successful introduction on the shelf.

    Vegan strategy

    We map your (potential) market position, determine the growth opportunities and give you the insights and advice to make your activities in this market a success.

    Trend- and brainstorm sessions

    With the insights in the vegan food retail industry from brainstorming or inspiration tours, your company can start immediately.

    Founder Floreer Consultancy

    Inspiration & Publications

    Read more on the latest news and articles of Floreer Consultancy round vegan and plant-based food.